About the Project

Timeless Elegance: A Classic Office Décor Project for Ok TAMAM Edication


Step into the realm of timeless elegance with our latest office décor project for Ok TAMAM Edication.

In this article, we invite you to explore the captivating blend of classic elements, genuine leather chairs, and natural wood furniture, all adorned with attractive, classic colors. Discover the beauty and sophistication we infused into this office space, creating an ambiance that exudes refinement and professionalism.


Interior Design

Bedrooms – A Masterpiece of Interior Design:

Each of the four bedrooms was meticulously designed to exude a sense of individuality while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Our interior decor experts opted for a neutral color palette, complemented by lavish textures and bespoke furnishings, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere. Plush fabrics, rich wood finishes, and exquisite lighting fixtures combined to deliver an inviting and comfortable ambiance, epitomizing modern residential design.

Salon – Interior Furnishing at Its Finest:

The salon area was envisioned as the heart of the residence – a place where family and friends could gather to create cherished memories.

Inspired by contemporary chic, our interior designers curated an enchanting space defined by its seamless blend of form and function. The salon’s focal point featured a custom-designed centerpiece that showcased the perfect balance of artistry and utility.

Luxurious seating arrangements, statement art pieces, and sophisticated lighting elevated the salon into an alluring social space, setting new standards for premium interior decor.

Classic Furniture Selection:

For Ok TAMAM Edication’s office, we carefully curated a collection of classic furniture pieces that reflect sophistication and charm. Genuine leather chairs, with their rich textures and supple feel, were chosen for both comfort and aesthetics. Paired with natural wood furniture, the office exudes warmth and timeless appeal.

Elegant Color Palette:

To accentuate the classic theme, we opted for an elegant color palette. Deep mahogany, soft cream, and muted gold were used to evoke a sense of luxury and prestige. These colors work harmoniously together, creating an inviting and professional atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Attention to Detail:

In our design process, we paid meticulous attention to detail. From intricately carved wooden accents to well-crafted decorative elements, every aspect of the office was thoughtfully considered to evoke a sense of opulence and refinement.


Functionality and Comfort:

While classic aesthetics were essential, we also prioritized functionality and comfort. The office layout was meticulously planned to optimize productivity, with ample space for collaboration and individual workstations. Ergonomic chairs and adjustable lighting were integrated to ensure a comfortable and conducive working environment.

Brand Identity Integration:

To further elevate the office’s appeal, we seamlessly integrated Ok TAMAM Edication’s brand identity into the décor. Custom-made insignias, emblems, and nameplates were incorporated into the design, reinforcing the company’s image and values.

Architect Yasin MERCAN
Designer Saed HOLANY