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About the Project

Luxury Interior Design Project in Başakşehir – Premium Architecture, Interior Decor, and Furniture


Welcome to our prestigious luxury interior design project located in the renowned Başakşehir area.

As dedicated architects and interior designers, we had the privilege to work on a remarkable project that entailed creating a luxurious living space comprising four bedrooms and a stylish salon.

Our commitment to excellence led us to utilize premium materials and cutting-edge design techniques to delight our esteemed client and exceed their expectations.

Project Overview – Architecture and Interior Decor:

Our mission was to transform a blank canvas into an opulent haven that embodied sophistication, elegance, and functionality.

The architecture focused on a contemporary style with classic charm, seamlessly blending modern elements with timeless aesthetics.

Bedrooms – A Masterpiece of Interior Design:

Each of the four bedrooms was meticulously designed to exude a sense of individuality while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Our interior decor experts opted for a neutral color palette, complemented by lavish textures and bespoke furnishings, ensuring a harmonious atmosphere. Plush fabrics, rich wood finishes, and exquisite lighting fixtures combined to deliver an inviting and comfortable ambiance, epitomizing modern residential design.

Salon – Interior Furnishing at Its Finest:

The salon area was envisioned as the heart of the residence – a place where family and friends could gather to create cherished memories.

Inspired by contemporary chic, our interior designers curated an enchanting space defined by its seamless blend of form and function. The salon’s focal point featured a custom-designed centerpiece that showcased the perfect balance of artistry and utility.

Luxurious seating arrangements, statement art pieces, and sophisticated lighting elevated the salon into an alluring social space, setting new standards for premium interior decor.

Material Selection – Elevating Architecture and Furniture Design:

At the core of our design philosophy was the utilization of premium materials that ensured both aesthetic grandeur and long-lasting durability. Collaborating with renowned suppliers, we sourced high-quality textiles, exquisite wallpapers, and top-grade flooring options to create a harmonious and timeless living environment. Handpicked marble accents adorned the bathrooms, while premium hardwood flooring graced the living spaces, embodying a sense of opulence in every detail.

Incorporating Innovative Trends – Sustainable Architecture and Eco-Friendly Furniture:

Remaining at the forefront of interior design trends, we integrated the latest innovations to enhance the project’s allure. Smart home technology was seamlessly incorporated, providing the client with unparalleled convenience and control. From automated lighting systems to state-of-the-art climate control, our sustainable architecture and eco-friendly furniture design showcased our commitment to a greener future.

Client Satisfaction – Exceeding Expectations with Premium Decor and Architecture:

Throughout the design and execution process, we prioritized open communication and collaboration with our client.

Their vision and preferences were carefully considered at every stage, and we continuously provided updates and insights to ensure their complete satisfaction.

The result was a remarkable interior design that exceeded the client’s expectations, leaving them thrilled with their new living space


Our luxury interior design project in  Başakşehir exemplifies the pinnacle of architecture, interior decor, and furniture design.

The seamless fusion of modern aesthetics with classic elements has created an enchanting living space that resonates with sophistication and comfort.

As passionate architects and interior designers, we take immense pride in delivering a project that not only meets but exceeds our client’s desires, offering them a space that they can truly call their dream home.

Architect Yasin MERCAN
Designer Saed HOLANY